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What is the Cloud

Basically any application or service which residues on the internet for example Google, Facebook and Office 365 all reside in the cloud.

Why do you need the cloud

You can access cloud-based applications and services from anywhere – all you need is a device with an Internet connection. Which makes it ideal for a sales workforce either working from home or on the move.

Do i have to migrate?

No, but the chances are you are already using the cloud and you don't realise. Not all business will benefit from being cloud based.

The Cloud

  Working from home becomes easier and faster with little or no on-site setup.
  Scalability - You only pay for what you need and never run out of capacity.
  Faster access to data 24/7.
  Always use the latest software usually without any further costs with automatic software updates.
  Cloud computing increases collaboration by allowing all employees wherever they are the ability to sync up and work on documents and shared apps simultaneously.
  No Costly server start-up costs and licencing headaches.


Not All Clouds Have A Silver Lining

  Lack of total Control over all systems \ data.
  Third party exposure to confidential data.
  Redundancy – what happens if the solution provider fails?
  A subscription service could be expensive over time and as business grows.

A hybrid approach, however, may provide the best of both worlds by allowing users to maximize the benefits of both a hosted delivery model and those of the on-premise model.

Like all new technologies there are pitfalls and Highcorrie IT can identify and tailor a solution for your company. Call for a chat about your requirents and discuss a solution.