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The Cost

The cost to the business of a Data loss cannot be measured.
The cost of a backup can be as little as £10 per month

The Odd Mistake

Everyone makes mistakes, deleting a spreadsheet that took weeks to build and populate can be recovered easily within minutes from the backup.

I should not have opened that

Anti-Virus and malicious software can severely damage a system and spread throughout a network and if unchecked onto customers systems too.

The Fatal Mistake

Believing it will never happen Disaster recovery Plans are usually put in place by those companies or individuals who have had past experience of data loss.

What is a Backup

A backup is only a backup if the data resides in 2 places.
On 2 different PC's or on a PC and a backup unit



  Most small business realise the need to backup data, however few actually have a backup plan and those that do rearly stick to it.
  Taking a backup is easy, remembering to carry it out as you walk out the door is the difficult part. So automate it
  Highcorrie IT partners with Acronis cloud solutions to offer a comprensive and affordable automated backup solution
  At only £10 + VAT per month, Highcorrie IT will setup and monitor a 50GB cloud storage backup. If you have more than 50GB then more can be purchased at only 20p per GB. There are no other hidden costs
  Google, Dropbox etc are excellent products and have many advantages but they are not backup solutions, a spreadsheet corrupted is still corrupted. A document deleted a month ago is stiill deleted whereas a backup can go back months to find a missing file or recover the spreadsheet that was corrupted just yesterday
  • Disaster Recovery

      Disaster recovery is the area of security planning that deals with protecting an organization from the effects of significant negative events. Significant negative events, in this context, can include anything that puts an organisation’s operations at risk: crippling cyberattacks and equipment failures.
      Daily Backups both on and off site are vital to ensure against data loss through neglect, Virus infection and hardware malfuction.
      A monitored Anti-Virus solution deployed throughout the network will reduce the majority of data loss incidents.
      We can help you put together a robust Disaster recovery Plan and monitor your system to ensure that data can be recovered should it become necessary.
      Disaster Recovery included in Monthly Contract Fee.